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"Sr. Clare's Sacrifice" in CL's Traces Magazine

Sr. Clare juggling

 On April 20, 2016, Traces presented the article "Sr. Clare's Sacrifice" for its Italian readers. is an international magazine published by Communion and Liberation. On April 20, 2016, it presented the article "Sr. Clare's Sacrifice" for its Italian readers. indicates that news of Sr. Clare reached them through www.Catholicherald.Uk.
The article contains the video, "In Memory of Sr. Clare," by the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother, and mentions that the story Sr. Clare tells about John Paul II was moving. During one of his apostolic visits, after a long day of different activities, they asked him, "Holy Father, are you tired?" His answer was, "I don't know." Sr. Clare said, "During my first week here in Ecuador, I remember I wanted to use the pope's answer to identify my form of living here. Sometimes you get tired because the work is tiring, but even though I may get tired, I hope I don't feel sorry for myself. Instead I hope to  continue to give of myself."

Communion and Liberation is a movement in the Church present in nearly ninety countries in all the continents, and was founded by the Italian priest, Fr. Luigi Giussani. Communion and Liberation's purpose is that of forming its members in Christianity in order to make them coworkers in the Church’s mission in all areas of society.

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