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Jesus Was the Center of Her Life

Mª Augusta con unas chicas

Guadalupe Cedeno, Ecuador:  Maria Augusta used to say,  “Our Lord and Our Lady love you a lot, and you know that you can give Them a lot more.”


Guadalupe Cedeno, Candidate of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother, shares her memories with us about Maria Augusta’s prayer life. She emphasizes that “it was obvious that Jesus was the center of her life.”

One of the things I remember about Maria Augusta was that she always called Jesus “My Little Baby Jesus”. She loved our Lord and our Lady a lot. She was a very shy person so she didn’t always show how much she loved them, but when you saw her in prayer, you could tell that it was a time for just her and the Lord. Whenever she talked to the girls she always told them that Jesus was waiting for them. She said, “Our Lord and Our Lady love you a lot, and you know that you can give Them a lot more.” She always reminded them to ask Our Lord for strength to be able to follow Him. 

It was obvious that Jesus was the center of her life. Yes, Jesus really was the center of her life. I remember her saying that she had a very close relationship with Our Lord, especially with the Heart of Jesus. On a pilgrimage to Quito, she received the grace to be able to give up her earrings and start living her life totally for the Lord. From that moment, she had a very strong relationship with the Lord, and a huge devotion to the Heart of Christ. She always said that she was very close to His Heart.

Durante las inundaciones días antes del terremoto.

Maria Augusta with candidates and sisters
working, just days before the earthquake.

During her prayer time, she was always kneeling. It was a time set apart for her and Jesus. Even though she loved Our Lady a lot, she always said that her main relationship was with Jesus, “her Jesus”, “Her little Baby Jesus,” as she would always call Him. When it was time for prayer, the first thing that Maria Augusta would do was get her Bible. As soon as they said, “It’s time for prayer!” she would run to get her Bible and her notebook. She was very close to Our Lord.

When she gave catechism classes she spoke very strongly about Jesus. She was clear and firm with the girls that she taught, while she treated them kindly and tried to reach out to them. She spoke to them about Our Lord and about His Presence in the Eucharist. She told them that we have to love Him, that we must go to Mass, not because we are forced to or because we are in catechism class, but out of love for Him, because He is always waiting for us there. She always said this to the girls in catechism.


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