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Carolina, Let Me Guide You

carolina sueno

Carolina Aveiga, EcuadorAfter that dream I feel Sr. Clare a lot closer. I feel that she intercedes for me and that is very good to know.

carolina aveigaCarolina Aveiga, from Chone, had a dream about Sr. Clare on the night of November 14, 2016. That day Sr. Clare would have turned thirty-four-years-old. This dream has been a great grace for Carolina. It helped her so much that she decided to share it with us.

I was wearing sports clothes, and was walking quickly because I was going to see Our Lady at Cajas. I was very excited and Sr. Clare was guiding me on my path. It was a very difficult one, and was full of obstacles that I had to overcome. Sr. Clare was guiding me and told where and how to take each step. She said things like: “Come on! Now, jump! To the right, now to the left. Go up.”  It was like that the whole time.

When she saw that I was tired she would sing to me, like at summer camp, “Keep going! Keep going!”  We went along very happily, singing songs, telling stories… At a certain point I was totally exhausted. I had climbed up waterfalls; I had fallen so many times…

The obstacle that I had to overcome was jumping off a cliff. Sr. Clare sang, “If I have to jump, I’ll jump. It doesn’t matter how high…” I told Sr. Clare that I couldn’t do that because I was really scared, and I wished there were other girls or the sisters there with me to help me.

I didn’t let her speak; I just kept talking and talking. Sr. Clare looked very, very sad, and she moved further and further away. As she went away, the dirt on the mountain began to fall and I also fell.

I woke up a little frightened and went to splash water on my face.

When I fell back asleep, I saw Sr. Clare and she told me that I had fallen because I had started to think about myself. She said, “Carolina, how long are you going to keep thinking about yourself? Look at Jesus, look at Our Lady, look at me. I am going to guide you; let me guide you. Look at me.”

After that dream I feel Sr. Clare a lot closer. I feel that she intercedes for me and that is very good to know.


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