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A Flood of Grace

Oleada de gracias

Sr. Maria Moro, Spain:  She gave her life, and the result of that self-surrender are numerous graces of conversions, growing closer to Our Lord, and true joy.

hna maria moro

Sr. Maria Moro is a Servant Sister of the Mother from Spain. She did not know Sr. Clare personally, because when Sr. Maria entered the community, Sr. Clare was already in Ecuador. After taking her first vows on July 2, 2016, Sr. Maria was sent to Ecuador. Her experience there consists of collecting the countless fruits of Sr. Clare’s life of surrender, and defines them as an authentic “flood of grace.”

Sr. Clare’s love and surrender for young people has not ended with her death, but rather continues more alive than ever. We are coming across an authentic “flood” of graces as a result of her self-giving. There is no doubt that Our Lord does not let Himself be outdone in generosity. You give Him a little and He gives everything. This is what has happened with Sr. Clare’s life. She gave her life, and the result of that self-surrender are numerous graces of conversions, growing closer to Our Lord, and true joy.

You could say that one of her life’s mottos was “I Prefer Paradise.” She is transmitting that to young people, teaching them that true life is Eternal Life, and that this earthly life is important inasmuch as it brings us closer to Heaven.

I have had the privilege of being able to experience all of this that I am writing. We had some day-retreats with sixteen-year-old girls who were getting ready for Confirmation. There were four groups, and thus we organized four different days of retreats. Throughout the day, there were several activities, such as prayer, games, videos, and a group discussion about the video. For the girls, Sr. Clare played an important part in the group discussion about the video.

The video we had watched and were commenting about was about the importance of keeping your soul clean, in the state of grace, because you never know when Our Lord may call you. Discussing these topics, I could not help but tell them the story about Sr. Clare and the girls, and what had happened with the earthquake. In that very moment, something in the girls had changed. Their faces showed great joy as they listened about Sr. Clare and about Heaven. They began to think about their lifestyles: how they had lived until that moment and how they were living their life at present. You could see that their hearts were experiencing the effects of a life surrendered to Christ and for others.

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Seeing their enthusiasm, I asked if they wanted me to teach them a song that Sr. Clare had composed the music for and which reflected her life so well: “Prefiero el Paraíso” [“I Prefer Paradise”]. Immediately, they said “yes.” I went for the guitar and gave the girl at my side the piece of paper with the lyrics and chords of the song. It was quite remarkable. I had barely played the first chord when the girl holding the paper began to cry. I looked at her, and her expression told me that she was crying for joy. She was glowing. I began to sing. I felt as if each sentence penetrated each of their hearts, destroying walls that were preventing them from being open to Our Lord and willing to do whatever He asked of them.

At the end of the song, the girls were silent. I asked them, “What happened?” The girl who had cried said, “I don’t know, sister. I felt an immense joy, an enormous strength that made me seek Heaven more than anything else.” Sr. Clare had really become present. It was another example of the good our sister had done in this life and continues to do. 

Let us continue to thank God for her life and make all of this a reality in our lives so that we can say “I Prefer Paradise” with Sr. Clare.


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