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Her Name Will Be Clare Maria

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Laura Stinnet, USA: When they told us that it was a girl, I had a great desire to call her Clare.

laura h clare 165 165Laura Stinnet loved Sr. Clare dearly and suffered greatly because of her death. Shortly after Sister’s death, she was married and became pregnant with her first child. Her health condition could have negative repercussions on the baby’s health, so each night she entrusts the baby to Sr. Clare. When she found out that baby is going to be a girl, she decided, in agreement with her husband, to name her Clare Maria, in honor of Sr. Clare’s religious name.

laura clare maria1 300 240Kevin and I were waiting to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl before breaking the news and now we can share it. We have decided to name our girl Clare Maria. As you can all imagine, we want to name her so in honor of Sr. Clare. When Sister passed away, it was very hard for me because I loved her a lot, yet it was also a huge grace. I began to speak with her often, asking her to pray for me. She is a great friend in Heaven, and I continue to speak with her as the friend that she is.

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When I found out that I was pregnant, I was very concerned at first, especially for the baby. Since I had been very sick during the first weeks of my pregnancy, I was worried about the baby’s health. Each night I prayed to Sr. Clare, and I still do. I ask her to pray for us. So when they told us that it was a girl, I had a great desire to call her Clare. And thanks be to God, when I asked Kevin about it, he totally agreed to name her Clare. And since she is going to be born in the month of May, Our Lady’s month, it made sense for Maria to be her middle name. First, in honor of Our Blessed Mother and second, because it was Sister’s religious name. We are so happy to announce her name: Clare Maria Stinnet.


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