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A Carmelite Vocation Saved by Sr. Clare

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Sr. Magdalena Guadalupe:  Thank you, Sr. Clare. If it weren’t for you on that night in which you came into my life, I would not have the impulse and the strength that I feel in my consecrated life.

Sr. Magdalena Guadalupe of the Most Holy Trinity is a Discalced Carmelite. She writes to us from Mexico with a very impressive testimony in which she explains how discovering Sr. Clare has transformed and healed her way of living her religious life. Although she had recently begun, she was going downhill, tied down by many things that were impeding her to give herself completely to Christ. Sr. Magdalena Guadalupe wanted to share her testimony with us and is aware that it can greatly help others who, like her, are going through a time of darkness and confusion. She wants everyone to know, “that there are people interceding for us, and, in my case, it was the dearly loved Sister Clare.”

Beatificación de Juan Pablo II, con la hermana Marta en una cuevaI am a Discalced Carmelite with temporal vows. Although I did not know Sr. Clare personally, she came into my life through a video about her. Through Divine Providence, I came upon a testimony of her life on youtube. For me, it was like, “O my gosh! A conversion story of a girl with great desires who became a nun.” When that video ended, another one began to play automatically. It was “In Memory of Sr. Clare.” It was a very big surprise for me. I was amazed by the fact that she has already passed away!

I wasn’t calm anymore and continued with the video of her perpetual vows. I couldn’t handle it anymore… I began to cry and cry, because my consecrated life was going downhill. I had just professed my first vows, it was actually two months to the day after my first profession, and I felt tied down by many things. I felt tired, and my consecrated life didn’t have meaning. For some time I had been “addicted” to the internet, leaving my prayer life aside. When I learned about Sr. Clare’s life, her progressive conversion and call from God, and how she went from not knowing what the Eucharist was to living her life and vocation with complete fidelity, it shook me inside. 

I experienced Sr. Clare as a sister, friend, companion and confidant, who sheltered my soul with love and tenderness. I didn’t doubt that this came from God through her intercession. It was a transforming touch because, in that moment, the love for Jesus, My Spouse, along with that of my community and my consecration came back. Also, everything that was impeding my union with God became repulsive to me. 

It was so radical that, in that moment, I called my superior. I renewed my consecration and, in her presence, I destroyed and erased everything that was harming me and impeding me in my path towards Jesus. I know that I was able to do so thanks to the testimony of Sr. Clare’s life. It renewed my love and gave vitality to my consecration. Without a doubt, she interceded for me and changed my heart.

Since then, I continue invoking her. Whenever there is a difficulty in my life or community, her memory brings me peace and impels me to be self-giving and to desire to give my life like her, like Jesus, for others. 

She has become my friend and confidant. I commend things to her. For now, until the Church gives her verdict, I abstain from calling her as my heart impulses me to: Saint Sr. Clare.

Thank you, Sr. Clare. If it weren’t for you on that night in which you came into my life, I would not have the impulse and the strength that I feel in my consecrated life. Thank you, thank you so much. Accompany me today and always.


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