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Her Eyes Transmitted God

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Sr. Emma Sympson, USA: What they say about her eyes is true.

hna emma sSr. Emma Sympson is from the United States and is a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother. She met Valeria during Christmas 2015. She tells us about her impression of her.

During the Christmas of 2015, the community of Jacksonville, Florida (USA), had the huge blessing of going to Ecuador to celebrate Christmas with the sisters of the communities that we have there. It was such a great joy to see all of the sisters and to meet all of the candidates. We sang together; we shared the stories about the beginnings of the Servant Sisters (the first Christmas celebrations with Mamie, and those later celebrated in Priego, Spain). We played soccer quite a lot, and, by the way, the candidates play really well! They were very beautiful days.

I remember that the sisters and candidates told us about the “quinceañera” (fifteenth birthday) party they had organized for Valeria. During the party, she had to put on a pink “habit”, although she felt rather embarrassed. She stood out for being a VERY good person. What they say about her eyes is true: her eyes were beautiful per se, but above all because they transmitted God.


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