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Be Good

Arianna Espinoza, Ecuador:

arianna espinozaThe way she loved Jesus and her desire to save the world really rubbed off on me...

Arianna Espinoza is from Ecuador and met Sr. Clare during her time there.

“God alone is enough” was the first idea that marked me when I met the girls of the Home of the Mother.  And the day I met Sr. Clare was the day I really understood what that meant. And that’s when my life started to change.  Sr. Clare was one of those people who show up just in the moment when you need to be saved.  I was drowning and she taught me how to swim. How? Praying.

I knew that I always loved Jesus, but with her I learned that it’s not enough to just love Him, but we have to seek to make Him happy. How? Living in grace, accepting and fulfilling His will. And she reminded me of this by saying, “Be good!” every time we said goodbye.

The way she loved Jesus and her desire to save the world really rubbed off on me. She detested injustice just as much as I did. When I met her, I knew that I had found an ally in her, the best accomplice and the best support when it came to doing God’s will. Each day she was able to make me want to live better, to serve, love, and live with Jesus and for Jesus.

Her joy could illuminate the darkest rooms. Just hearing her voice was enough to make my heart leap for joy. And although right now I am overcome by sorrow, my soul is consoled by knowing that she is much happier now. Because I guess there’s no greater happiness than living forever with the One she has loved so much, in paradise.

I will never forget so many lessons. I didn’t know I was going to need her so much. Maybe I didn’t even realize how much I loved her. But I am sure that she has left me situated on the right path and when I reach the end, she’ll be there waiting for me.

Thank you, Sr. Clare, for getting me back on the path that I had abandoned. And thanks be to God for placing Sr. Clare on my path. Although she is no longer here, her memory continues to fill me with her joy. She is still the only person who can make me laugh when I’m crying. How I would have loved to give her one last hug, give her a thousand thank-you’s for so many things. When God wills it, we will see each other again.


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