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You Were the One Who Asked for a “Push”

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"Anything I’ve ever asked of you was for your own good".

This is a truly moving letter. While reading it, you can feel the sorrow in Sr. Clare’s apostolic heart at seeing a young girl give up in the spiritual battle, tied down by her attachments and vanities. As this year is about to end and we begin another, let us make a resolution to fight against all of those obstacles that we have that are trying us down and keeping us from growing in union with God.

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All of this is not about you wearing mascara or not – I could care less about the mascara -, it’s about you holding back, not really willing to let go of yourself, your image.

Anything I’ve ever asked of you was for your own good; out of love and true respect for you and a sincere desire for you to be free – (even though you didn’t always understand it).

I’m sad that you gave all of this up for mascara!! I’m sorry it had to end like this.

Sr. Clare +

P.S. You were the one who asked for a “push.”


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