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This Photo Is a Treasure of Providence

valeria habitorosa

Benjamin Fenlon, UK: This photo is a treasure of Providence.

Benjamin Fenlon is from the United Kingdom. He met Valeria when he was at Guayaquil. Impressed by the photo of Valeria with the pink habit she wore during her “quinceañera” (fifteenth birthday) party, he reflects on the meaning of the image.

Hermana Megan y Valeria con su hábito rosa por sus 15 años I believe that this photo is an icon, a window through which we can contemplate the specific vocation of Valeria. Before all of this happened, it would have been impossible to understand it, but now it can be understood.

1.    The girls who celebrate their “quinceañera” wear pink dresses during they birthday party.
2.    Valeria, at the age of fifteen, had accomplished her earthly mission. Until someone convinces me otherwise, I firmly believe this. The pink color of her habit symbolizes her death.
3.    The “quinceañera” party symbolizes the maturity of age. In Valeria’s case, however, it symbolizes the maturity of her faith, given that, at the age of fifteen, she had reached the fullness of the faith lived.
4.    The habit of the Servant Sisters signifies her vocation, which unexpectedly reached its plentitude at the age of fifteen, and, therefore, I couldn’t even imagine Valeria without a pink habit.
5.    Understood in reference to her death and plenitude of life, the fact that she is was wearing a cross of the perpetual vows (in her funeral), shows fidelity until the end and the eternal betrothal of Christ with His spouse.

DSCF1330Now everything falls together perfectly as a symbol. After studying time and eternity, which is a very rich subject that gives us much to reflect on, I believe that it can be affirmed that this photo is an icon, that is, a window through which one is able to see all at once the life and the actual state of Valeria.

I don’t know if I’ve explained myself well. This photo, inasmuch as my opinion counts, is a treasure of Providence.


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