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She Was Like a Sister to Me

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Carlos Javier Zambrano, Ecuador:  Her willingness to serve was what motivated her to help anyone who was in need

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Carlos Javier Zambrano shares with us his last memory of Maria Augusta, whom he admired and does not hesitate to describe as “a sister to me.” 

Maria Augusta was a Chonera* missionary who never gave up. Her willingness to serve was what motivated her to help anyone who was in need. She always did this with a contagious smile and sisterly affection.

She was a saint and like a sister to me!

My last memory of her occurred during Holy Week 2016, just before the earthquake. My life had gone down the wrong path and I was living my faith very badly. I had even lost it. On Good Friday, I went to confession with Fr. Kevin. I was happy to come home. Maria Augusta looked at me and said, “Now is the time to be good. Don’t let more time go by. Be strong and brave.”

P.S. The pictures are from the mission in Shakai, the Shuar community in the Puyo.

*Chonera: A person from Chone, a city in the province of Manabi, Ecuador

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