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Her Greatest Love was the Blessed Virgin Mary

Aura Cristina:

auracristinadeverdadShe lived with a great spirit of sacrifice.

Aura belongs to the Home of the Mother of the Youth in Ecuador. She knew Sr. Clare and the 5 candidates very well.

I got to know Mayra when she joined the Home of the Mother. She was very joyful. She always spent time at the Sisters' house helping in any way she could. Mayra had a difficult character, but she always tried to control it. She used to get especially upset when someone spoke against her Faith or her Sisters. She was very fun and her greatest love was the Blessed Virgin Mary. She loved Her so much! She was so happy to enter as a candidate on the day dedicated to the Mother of God.

I lived with her for a while in the residence for university students and she was very charitable with all of us who lived there. She helped us to wash clothes, she never ate something if she knew someone else wanted it first, and overall she lived with a great spirit of sacrifice. I remember one Lent she decided to sleep on the floor to accompany Jesus in His sufferings. A while before Mayra entered as a candidate, we encouraged each other to be faithful. Mayra was gifted in dancing and during the summer camps she brought us so much joy because she would teach us choreographed Christian dances.


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