Tuesday, 10 May 2016 23:32

I Left My Fears Behind and Made the Right Decision

Gemita Dayana Vergara Espinoza:

gemitaI’m really happy, because now I am certain that I am doing God’s will.

Gemita Dayana Vergara Espinoza belongs to the Home of the Mother of the Youth in Ecuador. She knew Marya, Jazmina, and María Augusta very well.

I’ll start by saying that I have known Mayra, Jazmina and Maria Augusta since we studied together at school. Everyone loved them, and people knew how close they were. When they met the Home of the Mother, they started giving catechism classes to the children who were preparing to receive their First Communion.

I got to know them better when they started to go to the Home of the Mother of the Youth meetings. They were fun and joyful young women. As the years passed, I saw how they began to surrender themselves to God more and more. But at the same time, they were very scared to accept what God was asking of them.

Mayra was radiant with joy the day she entered as an aspirant in the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother. No one could take that joy from her; she was totally transformed. She persevered in doing everything that the Lord asked of her and was faithful to Him. She was completely in love with the Lord and Our Lady, and always smiled, even when something was difficult for her. I could see how she tried to do little things and sacrifices out of her sincere love of God. Mayra loved helping everyone. She was a very lively young woman, and became even more so when she entered as a candidate.

Mayra did everything out of love for God and for Our Lady. I remember we were in the same team together in the 2015 Holy Week Encounter at the Holy Family Educational Center in Playa Prieta. She really inspired me to be a saint, to love without expecting to receive anything in return, and to surrender myself to God’s plan for me.

On Holy Saturday of that Holy Week Encounter, we were preparing a little skit for the get-together that we were going to have after the Vigil Mass, like a big family. We had to go to a nearby store to buy a few things for the skit. She was especially joyful that night. I asked her if she was happy, and she immediately responded, “I’m really happy, because now I am certain that I am doing God’s will. I left my fears behind and made the right decision. You have no idea what I would give to make time pass faster and take my perpetual vows to be able to die as a Servant Sister, giving everything for Him.” And later, she encouraged me, saying, “Gemita, God loves you and is waiting for you to respond to Him. I repent of having waited so long and of refusing to give myself to the Lord. But I am happy, because every day we can offer little things to the Lord, to Him who has suffered so much for you and for me.”

Mayra helped me so much! We were the same age. Today, I thank the Lord for having permitted me to meet her. She was the model of a young woman, friend, sister, and daughter.


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