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Have You Already Asked the Lord What He Wants of You?

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She knew how to give me advice. Since we were the same age, I completely trusted in her and felt like she could understand me.

One of Valeria’s friends, also fifteen years old and native of Chone, Ecuador), shares her memories of Valeria with us. It is impressive to see how it was so clear to Valeria that the only important thing in this life is to know and embrace God’s will. It is also impressive to see how the girls her age loved her and admired her, even though, often by her comments and reflections, she made them think about and consider more serious matters.

Hello, everyone,

I got to know Mayra, María Augusta, Valeria, Catalina, and Sr. Clare a little more than a year ago, during my first camp. At the time, I was fourteen years old. I remember how they were all so attentive, always asking things like: “How’s it going? How did you get to know the Sisters? How long have you been going to the meetings? What do you think about the girls? Are you having fun?  Have you already made a commitment? What commitment do you have?”

They always made an effort so that you felt welcome…

I remember how I was going having a rough time during the camp. C’mon, it was my first camp, and I was an assistant counselor! I was in a difficult group, and I wanted to run home…

Valeria was also an assistant counselor, and during the formation meetings we always ended up sitting next to each other. She always asked me, “How’s it going?” I told her how things were going on my team. She made me want to trust her. I felt like I could tell her everything. She told me that I should trust in the Lord, because if He put me there it was because He trusted in me, and that I shouldn’t let Him down, and that I should pray to the Virgin Mary for strength to keep going… She really knew how to encourage!

durante unos campamentos

Valeria (left) with friends and Sr. Clare during summer camp

I also remember that whenever she saw us, when we would go to Playa Prieta or when they would come to Chone, before saying “hello” to me, she would ask, “Have you already asked the Lord what He wants of you?” And after hearing my reply, she would say things to me like: “I will keep praying so that you can ask Him and open your heart.”  

She knew how to give me advice. Since we were the same age, I completely trusted in her and felt like she could understand me.

The last time I saw her was at the Holy Week Encounter. There was a girl there who was having a hard time. Valeria noticed her, and one night in our room she commented, “If only we gave the Lord what He asked of us day to day, without complaining… We would be so happy!” Even though she did not directly say it to me, it made me think…

I can say that in the short time that I knew her, I ended up loving her and admiring her a lot. She is a great example for everyone.


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