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The Promptings of the Devil

h clare cara circunstancia

Suzy Donovan: Your constant worries about what people will think about you is paralyzing you.

suzy circuloSuzy Donovan is from the United States, and had a very close relationship with Sr. Clare during the years in which she formed part of the community of Servant Sisters in Jacksonville, FL. We are very thankful to Suzy for having shared with us this brief, yet interesting letter that Sr. Clare wrote to her several years ago.

Dear Suzy,

In order to be free and to follow God truly, one has to cut with all their “securities” – many times empty and false securities. Image can be, and many times is a false security.

It’s something that we can “hide behind”; something that we depend on way too much. “What will they think if they see me like this? Do I look fat? Is my hair ugly? Will people still want to talk to me if my acne breaks out?”

These questions torture us, they are like a constant whirlwind inside. They are the promptings of the devil who, with these vain, superficial and sad questions – distracts us from where we really want to go, and who we really want to be - who we really are.

When one (when you) try to look good, your reasons for doing so are wrong. Your constant worries about what people will think about you is paralyzing you – whether you see it or not!

A way of breaking with this “false image”, this banal self confidence, is by not giving so much importance to the exterior. This is why I ask what I ask of you! Who cares what people think!!?!

“Love (and may I add surrender and obedience) are the beauty of the soul.”

Sr. Clare


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