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When You Become His Spouse…

valeria habito h megan

Our Lady loves you and helps you.

On September 20, 2015, Valeria wrote this letter to friend, encouraging her to persevere in her vocation in spite of sufferings. In these few lines, one can perceive Valeria’s love for Jesus and Mary, her desire to be faithful to them… and her desire for her friend’s fidelity to her calling.


Dear friend!

How are you? Friend, don’t get discouraged because the fight is hard, and really difficult— you’ve experienced it; you are experiencing it. Sometimes moments come when you don’t want it anymore and want to leave it behind. But keep going! Our Lord and Our Lady are with you. I’ve also been there and am going through the same thing. But I always remember that if I’m here now, in this moment, it’s not because of me. THEY (our Lord and Our Mother, the Virgin Mary) deserve more than my ingratitude for all their help. The path is hard, I understand, but keep up at it! Think of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross and of his Mother’s sacrifice. They suffered a lot. Don’t you want to help them with their Cross?

When you become His spouse you will have to share everything with Him and His Mother… the Cross, too. Remember that there are a lot of people who pray for you and worry about you. I hope that it was your mom who didn’t let you come to the retreat and not you who didn’t want to come. Julissa says “hi.” We are waiting for you in Playa. Let me know if you want to stay at the “Resi” or at my house.

I love you a lot, pray a lot, and keep going!

Our Lady loves you and helps you.




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