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His Love will Make You Strong

Guadalupe Isabel Cedeño Ruiz, Ecuador:

guadalupeWe have to look at the present and try to live it well because we don’t know if there will be a tomorrow…

Guadalupe Isabel Cedeño Ruiz is 19 years old and is a Candidate of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother. She survived the earthquake that took the life of Valeria. They had known each other for years and were very close. Today she offers us some of her memories of Valeria along with a letter that Valeria wrote her for her 17th birthday which helped Guadalupe to accept her vocation.


Guadalupe (left) with Valeria (in white) and other friends from Playa Prieta

My name is Guadalupe and I am a candidate of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother. I met Valeria a few years ago when she began to come to the group of the Home of the Mother that we have in Playa Prieta (Ecuador). I was very close to her. With her and the other girls, we began the group called YPEP HM (I Prefer Paradise - Home of the Mother, in Spanish). She was the youngest of the group and although we called her “little Vale,” she was the most joyful and the seemed older. I always called her “mi niña” (my girl). Whenever she saw that we weren’t doing well, she would try to help us by bringing us closer to Our Lord and Our Lady and seeking our good.

On one occasion, when I was struggling to respond to my vocation as a Servant Sister, she wrote me a letter and gave it to me on my 17th birthday. 

Valeria was a great example for us, although she would say that she admired us and we were her greatest example. I didn’t agree with her because, in reality, she was the one who helped us by her example.

This is the letter that Valeria wrote me and that helped me so much:


Sorry if you don’t like this letter with its spelling errors… You can throw it away, burn it, tear it… You can do whatever you want with it, but read it!

I wish you a happy birthday with all my heart, Guadalupe! May God bless you on this day and may He pour forth blessings on you and on your soul. May He fill you with strength to respond day after day to what He is asking of you. That way, you will be able to respond when He asks for something greater, such as our life and our love, so that they belong to Him alone.

Thank you so much for being my friend. I care for you as if you were my older sister who has taught me so much. I am where I am thanks to you. Part of what I know is due to you and our friendship.


Valeria (left) and Guadalupe (right) at camp

You are so beautiful when you smile! Our Lord and Our Lady love you a lot and don’t want you to feel bad, be sad, or discouraged… Sometimes, there are reasons to feel that way, and I understand that. But those reasons are nothing compared to everything that we have received from Him, from the smallest to the greatest things. He chose us – we who are nothing – to be Our Lady’s gift. He brought us out of the hole that we were in… We don’t have to look back, you shouldn’t look back, because you might go backwards. We have to look at the present and try to live it well because we don’t know if there will be a tomorrow…

With God’s help you can do everything, even the things that you never thought that you could do. We can’t do anything by ourselves. Whatever we may suffer, even if we cry, we don’t ever have to let the Devil conquer in our life. We have continue every day, although it may be difficult, although we might cry and want to leave everything behind us and not go on. When you feel lonely, when everything seems dark, when you want to leave everything and stop, think about the Lord and the love that He has for you. That love will make you strong against trials, difficulties, persecutions, sufferings. The great love that He has for you will never let you fall; it will always sustain you and help you… if you let Him help you, of course.

We cause Our Lord and Our Lady such great suffering, pain, and sadness when we don’t want to do His willwhen we don’t want to let Him work in us, and when we say, “NO” instead of a generous, “YES,” like His Mother’s!

Take courage, Guada!! You can do it! Don’t be afraid, He will help you along the path, whatever it may be. He will never leave you, and you will – if you really want to - become a great saint.

I care a lot for you, my friend. I pray for you and for everyone every day. I know that you are going to have enough courage to respond. I love you a lot!!

“Be good if you can.”

Our Lady will help you. She always does, although you don’t realize it…



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