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The Lord Is Uniting Me More to His Cross


cartaValeriaThink that Our Lord and Our Lady are with you and are waiting for you.

One of the girls of the Home of the Mother allowed us to publish this letter that Valeria wrote her on Wednesday, February 3, 2016. Just two months before her death, Valeria shows an extraordinary spiritual maturity. It is worth taking time to read this letter, allowing Valeria to give you advice through her words.

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The letter that Valeria wrote to a friend

My Dear Friend,

How are you? I’m not really sure whether or not you are doing well. You know, the Lord has told me many things about you, and I am very sad and worried. 

Are you giving everything to the Lord? I hope so. I hope that you are saying “yes” to everything, like Our Lady, your Mother. You have to be like her!

Dear friend, these are not times in which we can do whatever we want. No! You know that. It must be exciting for you to know that you have been called to belong to Him, with all that you are and all that you have. Knowing that you are called to be a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother must fill you with joy. He has chosen you - among so many that are better than you - to be one of them. It is something too great to lose.

Don’t think about yourself. If you do, you will get discouraged because you can’t do anything on your own. You aren’t anything, but with Him you are everything. You can’t give Him what He is asking of you by yourself, but with His help you can. Don’t look at what He is asking of you. Look at what He is going to give you. He is going to give you so much for the misery that you will leave behind; in the end it is nothing, NOTHING!! AND YOU KNOW THAT!!

Begin on the right path again, like you did before and with more fervor and love. Think that Our Lord and Our Lady are with you and are waiting for you. Even if you don’t feel them, they are there. They will help you if you allow them to, but they will not force you.

It is horrible to be obliged to do things. You will end up leaving everything and turning towards the FILTH OF THE WORLD, because you will not find any meaning in what you do.

Make small acts of faith and trust in Our Lord and Our Lady. It is true that it is more difficult when you are in desolation. It is in those moments, when you have to cling to the cross. If He gives us these difficult moments, HE WILL HELP US to carry it as He desires. The bad thing is when we want to do what we desire in those moments. And we use the excuse that we don’t feel anything! That is really bad. It is easier to do things when we are in consolation, because our feelings accompany the action, but there is no merit in that. Our merit and the struggle occur in desolation. When the Lord gives a little bit of His cross, that is when we reject it. In those moments, the Lord says to us, “ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME OR THE THINGS I GIVE YOU?” If you follow your feelings, you will end up straying from the path. SPIRITUAL LIFE IS NOT BASED ON FEELINGS! NO! If it were based on feelings, I assure you that I would not be here anymore.


The letter that Valeria wrote to a friend

Don’t be a coward like Jeremiah and don’t put excuses to not do what the Lord asks of you. Just do it. God only needs our “yes.” HE will do the rest.

You might think, “She says that because she already responded and doesn’t struggle anymore. She doesn’t understand me.” Let me tell you that I do understand you. I know that it is difficult and there are moments when you don’t want to do anything for anyone. I understand you, but I don’t understand when you are not okay and you run in the opposite direction of where you should. If you keep doing that, you will always be the same and will never advance. 

Don’t think that everything is perfect because I took this step. On the contrary, the Lord is uniting me more to His CROSS, and things are harder and harder. But I can carry everything with His help.

Moreover, my dear friend, what true Christian can live his faith without the cross? We have to be convinced that we follow Christ, who died on a terrible Cross, and that we will share the same part.

HE sent you these desolations to prepare you. He sees how you react, and because He sees you unprepared, He continues preparing you. Difficult moments are going to come and if we are not well-founded in faith, hope and charity, we will be unfaithful.

A beautiful life in Heaven is waiting for us together with Our Lord and Our Lady. God always fulfills His promises, don’t ever doubt that.

Yes, my friend, it is a constant struggle. But that is the path to holiness and there is no other way. If you want to go to HEAVEN, you have to go that way. It is difficult, but it isn’t bitter, sad, or boring: the fight is never boring.

If you need help, look for it. Be humble and ask for help. We can’t do things by ourselves. I want to see you in the get-together before Lent. You have to come! We’ll see each other there. If I am not there, we will see each other in Heaven.


The Cross makes our love mature. Be faithful in the smallest things. That faithfulness in small things and small acts of love helps us to be faithful in greater things.

If I speak to you like this, it is because I care for you and it hurts me to see you in this condition. Your soul can’t get lost in the world now. Your soul belongs to God and you know that! Give it to Him from now onwards, so that later it won’t be so difficult. I am telling you this because when you take the final step, if you haven’t left behind your vanity, your vocation will be harder.

I love you a lot, my friend. I pray for you. Pray for me as well.

Remember that, “Your fidelity is strength for those who you love.”

“Do what you can, pray for what you cannot, and God will help you do it.”

Yours truly,



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