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She Helped Me

Sr. Gabriela SAS, Austria:

hna gabriela sasShe helped me: Thank you, Sr. Clare!

Sr. Gabriela is consecrated in the community of the Servants of the Most Holy Blood and she writes us from Austria.

I don't know Sister Clare, but I still feel her help and assistance. 

I'm a Sister in the Community the Servants of the Most Holy Blood. I live in Austria and study theology. I have a lot of work every day and all this started making me feel increasingly more tired... I couldn't find the strength. I knew God was with me and that He would help me, but I cried and I shouted to Him saying, “Help me! I can't do this. It's too much; it's too difficult for me - my community and studying and all the apostolate that I do... How can I do it all?” And I didn't find the answer... I don't know how, but I found your website and I had a look. When I saw [the photos of] Sister Clare, I thought, “She will understand me; she is in heaven now and she can help me. She knows how difficult it all is...” So I prayed, "Sister Clare, I don't know you and I don’t know if you are a saint... I don't know. But, you see my misery. Please, help me, to live my vocation and to live the love of God. You know I don't want to complain, but I can't do it all. Please, help me." 

And then I went to adoration. I was in the church, in adoration, when I saw a young priest who was studying at our university. He invited me to talk. He said, "I see you have a problem. But your problem is that you’re thinking [too much] about it. You are the center of your problem. Look at the Lord, look at His Love..." 

I can't describe it, but I felt like all the heavy stones [I was carrying] fell to the ground. And I knew it was Sister Clare who sent me this priest, because I had never seen everything so clearly... She helped me and I want to say: Thank You, Sister Clare! 

Sr. Gabriela SAS


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