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Examination of Conscience

For a young person:

examen de conciencia1Sr. Clare's reason for writing this was to help a young person fight against all of the things that were impeding her from advancing in her spiritual life.

A personalized Examination of Conscience handwritten by Sr. Clare.

hna clare

Sr. Clare had the heart of an apostle. She cared about every soul that she came into contact with and this Examination of Conscience is proof of that. This is not a thorough or complete examination based on the Ten Commandments. It is a personalized examination, handwritten by Sr. Clare, to help a particular person after having observed her behavior during a period of time together. Sr. Clare's intention upon writing this was to help this young person fight against all of the things that were impeding her from advancing in her spiritual life. 

To encourage this young person, Sr. Clare finishes the Examination of Conscience with the words from a song in which a soul expresses her desire for conversion and trust in God despite all of her miseries.


1)    Did I get out of bed as quickly as I could this morning?
2)    Did I leave the table out of selfish reasons: I had to fix my hair, I didn’t like the conversation, I didn’t like the person leading the conversation, etc.?
3)    When I served, did I do so out of love or did I do it so as not to have to be at the table?
4)    When I am with other people, particularly today when I was at the table, did I try and edify the conversation, or was I superficial and brought the conversation down? (p.s.: your silence can sometimes be edifying – Sometimes you can say something best when you say nothing at all.)
5)    Did I control my temper – exteriorly and interiorly?
6)    Did I try to be modest in a) my walk of talking: ie- not making impure comments, however small or unnoticed they may have seemed, b) my way of acting: did I try and sit like a lady – with dignity? Did I try and keep my hands to myself (there is no need for hugging, kissing, giving massages, etc. These all shows signs of an affection disorder.)


7)    Have I tried to be nice to everyone today, even that person that I find hard to get along with?
8)    Did I fight against impure thoughts / thoughts from my past?
9)    Did I do any little/big sacrifice/penance today in reparation for my many sins?
10)  Did I use my prayer time well?
11)  Did I pay attention/really try to pay attention at Mass?
12)  Was I in any way today a humble light for anyone else (you can do this by being a good example, saying something spiritual, etc.)?
13)  Did I do what I was supposed to do at home (chores, follow the schedule that I discussed with my S.D.)?
14)  Did I waste money?
15)  Did I obey?
16)  Did I try to think about God today (outside of Mass and Adoration)? Did I ask Him for help?

Broken Things (“that Irish song”):
Well Here I am Lord,
I come to put my heart @ your feet.
It’s been tattered and torn,
bruised and sore but I just want to say…
You can have my heart, if you don’t mind broken things.
You can have my heart, if you don’t mind my fears.
‘Cas I heard that you make all things new,
so I hope you can fix mine too.
If you want it, you can have my heart.



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