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God Loves You and Calls You

A friend of María Augusta, Ecuador:

maria augista We both were motivated by the same motor: GOD.

One of María Augusta's friends who met her in college.

Hermana Merly y María Augusta

I met María Augusta, when I was in college. Our friendship began simply with a smile while we were waiting to register. We started off talking and to my surprise we both were motivated by the same motor: GOD.

That day we headed to the Cathedral of Jesus the Good Shepherd to pray vespers together. We gave thanks to God for having met each other and we prayed for vocations. I remember that she said to me smiling: "The harvest is plentiful but the laborers we are few." So I said to her: "I hope that one day you'll be a sister." Of course I was only kidding, but one day she said to me, "I have something to say to you."  Just like always she had a smile on her face, I said to her, "Tell me Magu." She answered, "I have decided to discern with the sisters of the Home of the Mother." I said, "That's great, God has called you." I wrote for her on a piece of paper, "God loves you." She responded, "GOD loves you and He is also calling you."

Magu's words motivated me to continue with my pastoral work in the parish, where little by little I went forming myself. That's why every time I find myself before the Risen Christ, I remember her words, "GOD loves you and calls you."


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