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If Jesus Asks You for Something, Give it to Him

Andrea Alonzo Cedeño, Ecuador:

AndreaDoing His will, it’s easier for us to be happy; it’s easier for us to be holy.

Andrea is from Ecuador and was a student in our school in Playa Prieta;  she was Valeria's classmate. Valeria wrote Andrea a letter to encourage her in her spiritual life.

andrea sm

Andrea with Valeria and other friends from the Home of the Mother

Don’t abandon us. Don’t abandon the Lord. Neither He, nor the rest of us abandon you. Andrea, don’t forget that we really love you a lot and we are always waiting for you. But, there is someone even more important, greater than we are, who loves you so much and is always waiting for you. Please, don’t be silly. Don’t let the world hold you down. Weren’t you happier outside the world, without being of the world? Didn’t God fill you?

In spite of all the difficulties, He is always there. Even though we don’t see Him, He is always taking care of us. He is always there waiting for us, in spite of our insolence, our unfaithfulness, our insults… In the midst of all the suffering we have, we always have true happiness. The battle is not an easy one. No one said it was easy, not even Jesus. Following Christ is painful, but the joy we experience and the joy we give God is bigger than everything else. The path is not short, but long. But, we will reach our destination being what God wants us to be. Doing His will, it’s easier for us to be happy; it’s easier for us to be holy even though, like I said, it’s painful, but – Don’t we want to suffer for a God who suffers and suffered so much for us?

If Jesus asks you for something, give it to Him. Don’t refuse Him [what He asks], because it’s so He can give you something really worthwhile. Haven’t you experienced that immense, true joy? Don’t abandon us. DON’T ABANDON HIM.”


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