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Leave Behind the Things of the World

mariaaugustaanonimoShe would always tell me, “Do not de afraid of Our Lord. Leave behind the things of the world and surrender yourself to Him."

María Augusta's friend and classmate in the University of Portoviejo, Ecuador


Hi! I’m María Augusta’s friend and classmate from the University. She was a very good and joyful girl, always with a smile on her face. As a nickname we called her “Cieli”. She was very friendly and always willing to help . In the few years that I got to know her in the University she wasn´t just a classmate, she was a great friend. The way she surrendered herself to God really surprised me. She did everything possible so that the rest of her classmates could get to know Our Lord. It didn’t matter if they practiced a different religion, what she wanted was for them to grow closer to God. I got to know her even more in the Home of the Mothers’ residence for students, where I lived moments of my life that I will never forget. They were some of the most beautiful years of my life.

I admired the way she gave of herself, the love that she had towards the things of God. She would always tell me, “Do not de afraid of Our Lord. Leave behind the things of the world and surrender yourself to Him. The Lord has always promised: take care of My things and I will take care of yours.” And she was right. I still remember the day that I went to the “Resi” and all the girls were there together, just like I had dreamt a few days beforehand, singing and laughing. But in my dream they were saying goodbye, they said that they were going to go to the Lord. I asked if I could go with them, but they said that I had to stay here. This motivated me to go look for them. I felt something inside of me that I couldn’t understand, until a few months ago when I saw María Augusta at the university and I told her that I had been dreaming a lot about her and the other girls and that they had been saying goodbye to me. I gave her a hug and started crying. I didn’t know what was happening to me. She said, “It’s probably because you aren’t going to come and visit us anymore.” I asked her to forgive me and told her that I had missed them a lot. I went back to the Resi that very day and really enjoyed it. I was so happy to be there with them, like always. It was a wonderful day. I know that Our Lord wanted me to visit them, and I know that now they are where they wanted to be the most: by God’s side. I will always have all of them in my heart.


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