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She Led A Completely Coherent Life

Jessenia Salvatierra, Ecuador:

jesseniaShe said it was impossible to deny anything to Someone who deserves everything we have.

Jessenia is from Ecuador and she felt called to enter as a Candidate of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother after the earthquake that took place in Ecuador.

Yessenia con Valeria

Jessenia With Valeria

Valeria may have been just a girl, but she had a magnanimous soul overflowing with love for God.

I met her in Playa Prieta, at the first National Home of the Mother of the Youth Encounter in Ecuador. I remember the smile that came across her face whenever she talked about the wonderful works of the Lord. You could tell she was completely in love with God and that she truly loved Our Mother Mary.

She led a completely coherent life. When she said, “We should do everything for the Lord,” she was the first to live it. She was constantly occupied in doing God’s Will. She said it was impossible to deny anything to Someone who deserves everything we have.

Valeria said that we should always do good to others, for love of God, knowing that God is in each one of us. We are sure that she loved each of us with such an immense love, because she always looked out for the good of others.

The last time I saw her was at the camp this year. I remember her asking me if I already knew what the Lord was asking of me. I told her, “I think so.” And she responded, “Jessenia, never forget these words: The Lord said, ‘Whoever wishes to follow me, let him take up his cross and follow me.’ Trust in God and repeat these words to Him, ‘Lord, I want whatever you want for me’ and let Him work in you. He speaks to your heart. Be brave!Those were her last words to me.

Those words are engraved in my mind and I carry in my heart the many experiences I shared with her over the course of these years.

I am certain that Valeria will be interceding for me from heaven, helping me to be faithful forever.


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