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Many Of Us Admired Her

Silvia Vélez Navarrete, Ecuador:

silviaMany people admired her for the work she did, for her total surrender to God and to Our Blessed Mother.

Silvia Vélez Navarrete was one of Maria Augusta’s classmates at the University of Medicine in Portoviejo (Manabí, Ecuador).

Maria Augusta

My name is Silvia Vélez and I am from Portoviejo (Manabí, Ecuador).  I was one of Maria Augusta’s close friends and I used to call her Magu.  I met her in my first semester at the University.  Since she was a quiet and diligent person we only spoke a few times.  But when the end of the semester arrived, she asked me to do her the favor of signing her up for the next level.  I did just that and I signed her up for the same classes as me.  This was one of the best decisiones I have made in my entire life because it allowed me to get to know a very great person who ended up being someone very important in my life.

Throughout that semester we became friends and got to know each other more.  Since she was busy with other things and I had no problem doing her this favor, I did the same thing semester after semester.  She was my best friend and her beautiful smile brought me a lot of joy.  We became inseparable and we always studied together.  If I ever wanted to drop a class she would say, “Don’t do it.”  And that is how we did everything – we would always encourage each other.

Even though she was a quiet person she liked to play jokes.  I had many long and profound conversations with her.  She was the kind of friend that you could trust with anything, you could talk to her about anything.

Her great piety was worthy of admiring.  Many people admired her for the work she did, for her total surrender to God and to Our Blessed Mother.  In the Summer Camps she would always give the best of herself.  It filled me with a lot of joy to hear her tell me about the adventures she had.  I loved to listen to her.  She also organized her time well and was a strong person.  It was from her that I learned how to carry on even through difficult times.

She filled our group of friends – Erika, Sara, Lisbeth, Narda y Karen –  with peace and strength.  Through her influence we became united.  We would get together to have formation meetings in the University or to have lunch at the Resi (nickname for the Home of the Mother residence for University students).

Magu is a friend that I will never forget for the rest of my life.  My memories of her will never die.  They will live on in my heart and in my soul and I am happy because she is with GOD.

Silvia Grupo


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