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Thanks to Sr. Clare, My Home Was not Destroyed

María Vergara, Ecuador:

maria vergara

Thanks to the prayers of Sr. Clare, my home wasn't destroyed by the clutches of Satan.  Despite the suffering, she was able to help me not lose my joy and peace.  

María Vergara is f rom Ecuador and she met Sr. Clare there.

Hna. Clare con niños en Ecuador

For me, it has been difficult to accept the fact that I will no longer be able to give a big hug to Sr. Clare anymore.  Ever since I got to know her, she captivated my heart.  It was so special to be able to talk to her.  Just to begin a conversation with her, you couldn't help but love her.  She transmitted a unique interior strength that made you want to have her same joy and surrender your heart to the One who was her Master: the Lord. 

I have had to suffer a lot due to difficult events that occurred in my family.  But one event after the other, my life was filled with joy and I was filled with a happiness I can't explain, just by seeing Sr. Clare.  I am certain that those who have met her know what I am talking about.  God showed me His love through His faithful spouse and she helped me to overcome with joy each one of the difficulties that I had to suffer.

Although I continue to shed tears after what happened to this day, I have the complete assurance that Sr. Clare, and my other five sisters that I loved so much, are now glorifying the Lord.  Two characteristics that really stood out in Sr. Clare were her unconditional surrender and the mercy that she showed to each one of her brothers and sisters, because she loved everyone she got to know.  

God always makes all things new, and from evil, He always takes out good. From the terrible disaster that occurred on April 16th as a result of sin, He has taken out a tremendous good for us all.  Now, we have more intercessors who will help us to walk through this world united to God, to be able to later reach eternal life.  

I can thank Sr. Clare for my return back to God and for recovering my trust in Him.  Despite the difficulties, I know that I am not alone, and that she is helping me to be faithful and to be a true daughter of God.  May nothing separate me from Him! I hope to be able to surrender myself to my brothers and sisters who are going through difficulties.  I ask for her help everyday so that I may convey love to the people who surround me, just as she showed me.  

Hna. Clare con María Vergara

Thanks to the prayers of Sr. Clare, my home wasn't destroyed by the clutches of Satan.  Despite the suffering, she was able to help me not lose my joy and peace.  

All of us should live every day as if it were our last, realizing that we don't know what the future holds, or whether or not we will live to see it.  We are only here on earth for a time.  Our true homeland is heaven.  That is why I am happy—because they beat us to it.  

Sr. Clare will remain alive now even more than before in each of our hearts.  She will be a witness of true surrender to God.  Many will convert because of her testimony.  She will continue to be known by many and will guide them to God.  

I hope to one day be an instrument of God—not of Satan—just as she was, so that many souls may come to know that God loves them; He waits for them, hoping they will let Him love them.  


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