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I Will Always Hold Sr. Clare As An Example.

Ana Moro Martín:

anamoroShe had so many qualities and, above all, she was very funny!

Ana Moro Martín is a consecrated lay member in the movement "Apostles of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary". In 2013 she went to Ecuador with Helena (another consecrated lay member) and there she met Sr. Clare.

Sister Clare was a very special sister. She had so many qualities and, above all, she was very funny! One day I was helping her make dinner and she explained to me what I had to do. I saw some green herbs on the table and I asked her, "Sister, what’s that?" She had a serious face and she said, "It's some weed that they use here in all their food and it's getting me to heaven." The "weed" was cilantro and Sr. Clare didn't really like it that much.

While I was in Ecuador I had the opportunity to accompany the sisters on their first mission trip to the Puyo. Since nobody had even been before, we really didn't know what to expect, and weeks before the trip we made all kinds of jokes about what it would be like. During dinner one night Sr. Clare started to make up funny songs to encourage all of those who were going to go.

As someone who is studying teaching, I will always have Sr. Clare as an example for her way of giving class. All of the kids listened to her, because she was always getting their attention. She had so many ways of capturing their attention, whether it was by bringing the guitar to class and singing songs or even by imitating a barking dog when one of her students would get distracted.

Ana Moro's trip to Ecuador


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