Monday, 04 July 2016 09:10

She Encouraged Us to Give Him Everything

Cristina Pinargote, Ecuador:

cristina pinargoteShe encouraged us to be very strong, to stay firm in our faith.

Cristina Pinargote is from Ecuador and is a member of the Home of the Mother of the Youth. She knew Sr. Clare and the 5 candidates.

I affectionately used to call María Augusta “Mary”. She was very shy, but once you got to know her she was very spontaneous, and above all very expressive. Whenever she got concentrated on something, I used to tell her that the Lord must laugh seeing the faces that she would make, because just looking at her would make you laugh.  When I would tell her this, she would just smile and say, “Oh, my little Cristina.” This year I had the grace of having her as my group leader in the summer camp, and the truth is that I loved it.  She really helped me spiritually.  When she gave the talks to our group, she was very straightforward and encouraged us to be an example for others.  She also encouraged us to be very strong, to stay firm in our faith, and especially to give everything for Him who is EVERYTHING. 


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