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Pray About It!

Elisabeth Baca, Ecuador:

elizabeth baca I had been away from the Lord for four years when He used Sister Clare and Sister Sara as His instruments to bring me back home.

Elisabeth Baca is from Ecuador and she met the Home of the Mother in 2005. She knew Sr. Clare and the 5 candidates.

elizabeth baca peq

Sr. Clare and the 5 candidates in the summer camp in Manabí

I remember the time I have been able to spend with them {Sr. Clare and her companions} and I would like to share some of the experiences I have had with them and how they have helped me in my spiritual life. The length of what I’ve written may seem long, but there is so much more that I could say!

I give thanks to God for having allowed me to meet Sister Clare, Jazmina, Catalina, Mayra, María Augusta, and Valeria. Their love for Him and for Our Lady were so great that they just couldn't contain it and that was contagious. They reminded me of how much I loved Them (Our Lord and Our Lady) before I distanced myself from Them.

I met the Home of the Mother when I was part of the youth group in my parish in Chone in 2005, when I was thirteen years old. The Sisters, usually Sister Estela, would give us formation talks. Afterwards, I turned away from God. I had been away from the Lord for four years when He used Sister Clare and Sister Sara as His instruments to bring me back home.

I saw the Sisters and Jazmina again when they came to Manta a few months ago, to give formation talks to the group that we wanted to start. The first thing I told Sr. Sara was, “I know you.” Inside of me I felt like Jesus and Mary were telling me, “We know each other. You are mine.” I had already met Sr. Sara and Jazmina In Chone, and that day I had the opportunity to meet Sr. Clare.

During one of the first formation talks, Sr. Clare spoke to us about the parable of the Prodigal Son. The Lord spoke to me simply by the way that Sr. Clare and Sr. Sara looked at me. It was very clear to me that, through them, the Lord was saying to me, “You need to go back to where you were so happy.”

We were able to spend time together at the Sisters’ house in Playa Prieta. I met the rest of the candidates and Sisters there and I also saw Sister Estela, after so many years. She was really happy to see me and after saying hi to me she called me “the Prodigal Daughter.” I definitely felt like I was back home.

semana santa 2016

Holy Week Encounter of 2016 in Playa Prieta

One day I received a phone call. It was Sr. Clare. She said, “I don’t know why I’m calling you, but I felt like I had to.” She invited me to spend Holy Week with them in Playa Prieta. It’s the best invitation I’ve gotten in my whole life because there, at that Holy Week Encounter, I went to Confession after not having gone for ten years.

Spending time with the Home of the Mother is like being filled with love. Seeing the girls and the Sisters, you can’t help but want to love like they do. Among them, I would look at Valeria, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful she was. I don’t mean her physical beauty, I’m referring to her soul. Just looking at her you felt moved to love her because she was full of God. It was like seeing Our Lady and saying, “She is so beautiful!”

At the end of Holy Week, Sr. Clare invited me to keep going to the meetings and to visit them in Playa Prieta again. She also invited me to go on one of the mission trips to El Puyo, but I told her that just thinking about going to El Puyo was hard for me. She told me, very affectionately, “Pray about it!” And every time I would say, “I’m going to think about it”, she would say, “Pray about it!” She would say to me that it’s not so much to “think” about it but rather to “pray” about it, because God would give me the strength and the grace to do it.

She had the gift of winning over young people. A few days later, a girl told me that Sister Clare said hi, and when I heard this I could almost hear her saying, “Pray about it!” I wanted to go back to Playa Prieta one of those days, after Holy Week, but with all that had happened with the floods and also with some health problems, I had to postpone that visit in which I had planned to ask her to be my spiritual guide. The Lord arrived just in time, and even though He took her too soon… I know that God’s plans are perfect! I feel like I owe a lot to Sr. Clare. A little piece of me has gone with her and with the other girls, because they’ve won me over, because when you meet people who fill your heart with the love of God, you love them in return, and it’s such a pure and sincere love. Thank you for getting me back on the path towards the house of our Father!


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