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I’ve Reconsidered My Life

Sr. Clare

Adrián Begglo:  Learning Sr. Clare’s story has made me reconsider the way I am leading my life.

Adrián Begglo writes from Peru with a truly moving testimony. Sr. Clare has changed his life completely. He has recovered the fervor of his youth, and after several years, has started praying the Rosary again.

At my forty years of age I found myself very far from God and the Church, even though when I was younger I was a devout Catholic. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the documentary All or Nothing about Sr. Clare’s life. This sister’s biography had such an impact on me that I watched it four times.

Out of the aspects that stood out to me, the principle one is her conversion. She went from being completely separated from God, living a party life, consuming alcohol and trying drugs to a transformation into a woman who sought and found holiness. I interpret the fact that she was someone who had experienced sin but reached holiness as a proof that nothing is impossible for God.

Her unconditional love for Jesus Christ and Mary also touched me. It was a love that impelled her to dedicate herself entirely in day-to-day, simple things. This is where she became holy.  I understand holiness as loving God unconditionally. That love is what should inspire all of our actions.

Learning Sr. Clare’s story has made me reconsider the way I am leading my life to the point that I have started praying the Rosary before going to bed. It had been years since I had done that; I forgot… I had to look the names of the mysteries up on the internet. This nun’s life is an example that you can be a saint in the 21st century, and that God is the same “yesterday, today and forever.”

Adrián Begglo, Peru 

*Adrián expresses his personal opinion and does not claim to forward the Church’s opinion regarding Sr. Clare’s holiness.


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