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If She Had Become a Hollywood Star

Sr. Clare

Br. Mirko Stefani:  Sr. Clare’s life is a witness of Christ’s light and that his Word is the only One that calls to the truth of our existence.

Br. Mirko Stefani is an Italian Passionist who recently saw the documentary about Sr. Clare. His reflection is profound and very interesting.  

What impacts, sweeps away and leaves you speechless while you look at Sr. Clare is the light in her face. It is the beauty of a face transfigured by love.

Learning about her story, I can’t help but asking, “And if she didn’t answer her vocation and followed the world’s paths?”
She might have had to leave her family behind and live in a foreign country to follow her adolescence’s desires. Maybe she would have been a bright Hollywood star, acting and dressing the part. Perhaps she would have been surrounded by several “companions” and “friends” who, when the lights went out in the evening, would have left her “alone with her loneliness.” Maybe she would have died young—at 33—consumed to the bone by her lifestyle. Perhaps several authorities and friends would have cried at her funeral, exalting her magnanimousness and beauty. Seen on the outside, maybe, she would not have done things much different than what she actually did.
But instead of living her life in donation, maybe she would have lost it as if she had spent it. She would have done similar things, but maybe she never would have loved!

“I was losing control of my life because I was giving it to Him, and I knew that the hands of Our Lord and Our Lady could hold me and give me back my dignity, my freedom and truth of who I am.”

Sr. Clare’s story and the way she decided to live bear witness to the truth of these words of hers. And what’s more, they show the world that Christ does not lie. When man gives his life to Him, He gives man all his dignity and true freedom back. Above all, He gives him his true identity: “The truth of who I am.”

In this world overflowing with false quotes that do not fulfil what they say, full of false lifestyles and false prophets—too often lifeless—Sr. Clare’s life is a witness of Christ’s light and that his Word is the only One that calls to the truth of our existence.

The light in her eyes makes us desire the mystery they saw, and the life she lived makes us dream of encountering Him who gave them to her.

May Sr. Clare accompany us from Heaven through the song she wrote with her life: 

"I prefer Paradise,"
was the cry from within.
The fear to give, to surrender, 
and to die to live was lost.

Br. Mirko Stefani


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