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The DVD in France: Testimonies

All or Nothing in French

The DVD All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett is now available in France. It bears the logo of SAJE Distribution, the main distributer for Catholic cinema in the country.

Hubert de Torcy, director of SAJE Distribution, sent out this newsletter to their thousands of subscribers commenting on the preview of Sr. Clare’s documentary. The testimonies it contains from the first French viewers are truly touching.

Subject: A magnificent movie about the consecrated vocation finally available on DVD

Dear friends,

I have previously told you about this marvelous documentary, All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett, the story of a young, Irish, religious sister who died in the odor of sanctity in an earthquake in Latin America in 2016.

Several people have asked to see the preview, and I could not resist the pleasure of sharing their comments with you:

“It is a luminous testimony that will forevermore do away with those exaggerated ideas and clichés regarding good religious sisters. You will surely adopt Sr. Clare as your older sister in Heaven after watching this movie!”
Fr. Pierre Amar, writer of

“Thank you very much for the depth of this testimony for the youth.”
Fr. Sanche, University Chaplain

“I wanted to tell you that this video has truly moved me! There isn’t too much, nor too little. We can see the life of a real Catholic without exaggerations—a personal path of sanctity! I am, of course, sharing it with everyone I can.”
Fr. Aymeric, Pastoral Service for Youth and Vocations

“I showed this documentary about the life of Sr. Clare to my students (ages 14-16 years old) who were just as touched as I was. I often get discouraged being a teacher with difficult students who are often uncontrollable. I’m going to ask Sr. Clare for help to keep going and to do as she did: joyfully and completely given of herself.”
Aline, Teacher

This is the trailer for this eye-opening documentary.

This movie is now available on DVD (at all religious bookstores and on our website) and on video on demand. There are questions for discussion that can help you guide a discussion with your youth after watching it. You can download it free here.

Have a good weekend,

Hubert de Torcy


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