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She Always Had Migraines

Carolina with Friends

Carolina Aveiga:  I often feel sorry for myself and that I have to learn from Sr. Clare.

Sr. Clare had her last summer camp with girls of the Home of the Mother one month before her death. A persistent migraine kept her company day after day. Carolina Aveiga, Home of the Mother Youth member and law student at the University of Portoviejo, tells us about it.

Sr. Clare was one of the sisters in charge of the summer camp in 2016. It was the last summer camp for Sr. Clare and the girls who died with her. I was in charge of the baking workshop, so I was often in the kitchen getting the things I needed ready for the activity. Sr. Clare always came in very joyfully even though she had migraines ALL the time.

During that camp, her head hurt every day. I know this because I knew her well and because, while I was in the kitchen, I saw her taking medicine even though she tried to hide it. She never felt sorry for herself because of her migraines. Quite the contrary, the girls were always around “Sor Clor,” like they used to call her, and she would do everything they asked of her whether it was singing, acting or just being there and watching them do their dances.

On the trip home, Sr. Clare sat at the back of the bus because she had a bad migraine. Only a few of us knew. In less than five minutes, the little girls went where she was because they wanted her to tell them Sor Clor stories and just be with her. Some girls and I tried to make the girls leave, but Sr. Clare told us to let them be. I didn’t say anything, but I was very impressed by that. It made me realize that I often feel sorry for myself and that I have to learn from Sr. Clare.


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