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Valeria’s 19th Birthday – A Brief Reflection “on Evil”

Valeria on the back cover of HM Zoom+

Valeria Intriago would have turned 19 today, May 14, 2019. Perhaps she would have already been living in Spain in preparation to enter the novitiate with the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother, as she dreamed.

Valeria died on April 16, 2016, beneath the rubble caused by the earthquake that shook Ecuador, with Sr. Clare and four other girls who wanted to become Servant Sisters. It was truly a sad day, but a light shone through the collapsed building, and several persons were amazed upon learning Valeria’s story. Her childhood had been marked by her mother’s death at the hands of her father. Forgiveness transformed this pain into an expansion of her capacity to love, to the point that shortly before her death she affirmed that “in her heart there was neither hatred nor revenge.”

Valeria on the back cover of HM Zoom+

One day, someone asked this girl, who had experienced evil so personally, if God had created evil and why He allowed evil things to happen to good people. This was her brief yet correct response:

“No, He didn’t create it. If God is love, how is He going to create something that is not love? God loves us with all of His heart. How is He going to create something evil for us and that makes us suffer!?!

God does want evil things for us, but He allows certain things to happen in our lives so that we may learn from that experience and grow through it. Even if we suffer what we suffer and cry what we cry, He never wants evil things for good people or for evil people either. God is too much love.” 


The Home of the Mother kids’ magazine, HM Zoom+, dedicated the back cover to Valeria in its issue 108. This is the picture that accompanies this article. On the picture there are words that Valeria wrote to a friend: “The best thing ever did was say 'yes' to the Lord.” This is Valeria’s last will. Let us follow her advice while we await the release of her complete biography, which will soon be published.


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