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A Sign of the Truly Fulfilling and Everlasting Joy


David Ramierz, USA:   She burned with love of God and neighbor.

David Ramirez, from the United States of America, is a seminarian of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP). He describes the impact that the documentary of Sr. Clare had on his soul and for his vocation.

“All or Nothing” tells the beautiful story of Sr. Clare, a girl who held nothing back—she left everything and poured herself out entirely to live and to die for her spouse, Jesus Christ. She faithfully carried out her vocation as a religious sister and generously served those of her community as well as the children she taught—always with the contagious joy and the beautiful smile that she was known for. Like the sanctuary lamp that exhausts itself before the tabernacle as a sign of Christ’s True Presence here on earth, Sr. Clare was a sign to all of the truly fulfilling and everlasting joy that is to be found only in Christ. She burned with love of God and neighbor. Her life was a clear example of the tremendous amount of good just one soul can bring about by corresponding with God’s graces, as those who knew her testify in the film. The widespread influence she has had—even after her death—on many who never knew her is remarkable.

This sacrifice, holiness, and joy of Sr. Clare are very edifying and her example encourages me as a seminarian to persevere in the service of God. It is my hope that I can live out my vocation by always giving of myself entirely, holding absolutely nothing back, and doing so as charitably and as joyfully as Sr. Clare did. This is the charity which the priest, who is called to be a victim in union with Christ, must strive to live by and immolate himself by.

May this film serve to spread Sr. Clare’s contagious joy and make her virtues known, as well as inspire many young vocations, that they who are called may, in imitation of Sr. Clare, heroically and generously give all for Christ and His Church.

May God grant Sr. Clare eternal rest and may He bless the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother with an abundance of vocations.

Sit nomen Domini benedictum!

In Christ,
David Ramirez, F.S.S.P


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