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I Was Deeply Touched

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Robin (Ecuador): Ella dejó «huellas», y así debemos ser en esta vida, dejar «huellas» por donde pasamos.

After having seen the documentary All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett, Robin gave his sister, Sr. Leonor Cedeno SHM, permission to publish this letter. Robin is not someone who practices his faith. What’s more, for a long time it was difficult for him to accept his sister’s vocation. But the testimony of Sr. Clare has moved his heart and has helped him to understand many things.

I’ll tell you that I went to see the film about Sr. Clare. It was very beautiful. I hope to be able to get it so that I can have everyone see it at home. There were moments in the film that reminded me of you, for example, when Sr. Clare’s Mom begged her, crying, not to make her vows. You know that this happened with you and Mom. Also, how she thought and believed that in serving and caring for God, that He would take care of her loved ones, that is, her family, and in this case, us…That is why you are happy and peaceful there serving the Lord.

I have seen the total self-surrender of Sr. Clare in every activity, her carisma, her joy, even in the most difficult moments, how she helped and taught the young people and the children in the schools, the affection with which her CCD students, now grown up, remember her, etc. She left “marks,” and that is how we should be in this life; leave “marks” wherever we go. The entire film is very touching. I was impressed to see how she worked with the group of young people that were on the wrong track, and how with her advice, she changed their lives completely. It also impresses me all that she left behind in order to serve God, and her theme: “ALL OR NOTHING!!!”

Sr. Clare is truly incredible. When they said that at the end of her life she didn’t stand out, because she usually was praying, I think that she knew or had an idea that her moment was close by, and for that reason she wanted to be close, very close, to God in prayer, withdrawn in silence, but if you asked for help, she was the first one to give it her all. She said that she would die young, and began wanting to be a famous nun. That’s life, but now she is!! It seems like a joke.

I was deeply touched by many other things as well. Really, it was very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

We love you a lot, and hugs even though we are far apart.

May God always bless you,



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