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She Entered with Both Feet

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Carolina Aveiga, Ecuador: I don’t know what happened there, but after that she left the sanctuary jumping for joy.

Carolina Aveiga was a good friend of Mayra. She tells us a few key moments of Mayra’s vocation, of which she was a witness. One of those was the very determined gesture of Mayra’s the day she entered as an aspirant, jumping into the chapel, in order “to enter with both feet,” that is, giving a definitive step without turning back.

I remember that we made a pilgrimage to Guayaquil. From there, we continued until Olon, where there is a sanctuary of the Mystical Rose, an image of the Virgin Mary that had cried tears of blood. Being there, in front of the image of the Virgin Mary, one sister told us that we could kneel before the image and tell her whatever we wanted. She said that we should take advantage, and that those of us that were behind had to pray for the girl who was in front of us. After a few girls had gone, Mayra got up and went to kneel down before the Virgin Mary. Mayra discovered her vocation in that moment. I don’t know what happened there, but after that she left the sanctuary jumping for joy. She was very happy. Something had changed.

Obviously, after that she had her doubts, her fears…what’s more, I remember one time that Jazmina changed the lyrics of the song, “El chico alto de Israel” (The tall man from Israel) adjusting them so that they would sing about Mayra. Jazmina made the lyrics reach Mayra anonymously, in order to help her to center herself in her vocation and to respond. It was super funny seeing Mayra curiously ask each girl in order to see who had done it, but nobody told her anything. A few days went by and another letter reached her. This time it was a poem that spoke to her very firmly about the responsibility that came with not responding to the Lord’s call. I don’t remember very well what it said; it was something like: “Why do you say no? He calls you. From the Cross He calls you. Come on! Say yes.” This time it wasn’t from Jazmina, who was the first to be surprised. Mayra, one time when she was telling her vocation, told us that she was very grateful to this person, because the poem was a key that helped her to respond.

The day that Mayra entered as an aspirant to the Servant Sisters, October 19, 2014, she went into the chapel with a jump. She said that she had to enter with both feet, because that way she wouldn’t turn back. It was a “yes maintained,” as she used to say, remembering the words of one of the sisters. I remember so much that day! Mayra was so nervous and happy. Since that day, she said that what she wanted more than anything was to be a Servant Sister, to go to Spain to enter the novitiate, etc. We would tease her saying that she still had to enter as a candidate. She would only laugh. In the end, she entered on January 1, 2015, and every day she renewed her self-surrender. She loved her vocation to the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother.


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