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Sr. Clare is a Light

La. Hna. Clare entre hojas

Caitlin McKenna: We visited EWTN last winter and that is when it started. It was the spark.

Cate McKenna is only 13 years old, but she is completely sure that Sr. Clare has been helping her in her spiritual awakening during this last year.

Hi! My name is Cate and I am 13 years old. I received a card of Sr. Clare when I was on a pilgrimage to EWTN. The nuns there told me about Sister Clare Teresa Crockett and I listened to her story. Recently I have really experienced a spiritual awakening and have felt my personal relationship with God thrive. We visited EWTN last winter and that is when it started. It was the spark. I have been praying to Sr. Clare for the past year and the prayers have come true!

I was struggling with making all A’s and very stressed. But through my prayers and asking Sr. Clare, I was able to get all A’s. I also had trouble with choosing between electives. Chorus was really upsetting for me and I wanted to pursue other passions. I also had a series of bad thoughts that I needed to get through. Though my memory is a little hazy, I do remember that I prayed to God and Sr. Clare to help me with my bad thoughts. I am doing much better with them now!

I saw on the card that you wanted any information if any of the prayer requests were granted. Mine have been. I have come to know Sister Clare not through meeting her or physically being with her in this life, but spiritually. She has been a guiding light that Christ has shone on the world.

Thank you so much for your time and God bless you!

Catlin “Cate” McKenna


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