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Archdiocese of Guayaquil, Ecuador

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That is how, as they say, the “crazy” idea to make a movie of her life came about.

The Webpage of the Archdiocese of Guayaquil, Ecuador, published this article about the premiere of the documentary All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett on April 16, 2018.

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Premiere of All or Nothing
April 16, 2018

Today, April 16, is the two-year anniversary of the dramatic death of Sister Clare Crockett and five young aspirants of the Home of the Mother during the earthquake that took place in Ecuador, when the building they were in collapsed.

This young religious, who had her conversion during a trip to Spain, has left us the testimony of a life filled with joy. The life she led, despite the time of her turbulent youth, has helped many people after her death. The Sisters of the Home of the Mother say, “Many people started to write to us to tell us how much they had benefitted from Sr. Clare’s example. Many of the people that contacted us were friends and acquaintances, but many others, and this is even more surprising, did not even know us and they wrote to us about conversions, discovered or recuperated vocations, even special graces received through her intercession.”

That is how, as they say, the “crazy” idea to make a movie of her life came about. The EUK Mamie Foundation-HM Television began to tape testimonies and get together all the material that they could. They taped her family, her friends from her childhood and youth, those who were witnesses of her conversion and self-giving to God, and those who had shared so many things with her throughout her 33 years of life.

The result is the movie All or nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett, that premieres today, April 16, coinciding with the 2nd anniversary of her death. At the present time the film can be seen in Spain, the United States, Ireland, and Ecuador.

The Home of the Mother assures that they had been thinking about different ways to distribute the movie and finally opted for one that goes with Sr. Clare’s style, “a distribution that is both free and beneficial for apostolate.”

In order for the movie to come to a city, someone needs to be willing to organize a screening for a parish group, a school, an auditorium, or a movie theater. The important thing to keep in mind is that the event must have an apostolic goal: that through Sr. Clare’s life, God’s love, which completely changed her life, can be proclaimed to all. The only way that paying the entry will be permitted is in order to cover the cost of renting a theater.

The Sisters encourage people to organize screenings of the movie, because it can become a moment of grace for many people.

How much people benfitted from her example.


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