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She Helps Me to Avoid Sin

Hna. Clare rezando

Adriana de los Angeles, Peru:  Every time I think about Sr. Clare I can’t help but think how happy God must have been to have her here among us.

Adriana de los Angeles writes from Peru after watching the documentary on Sr. Clare. When Adriana thinks about Sr. Clare it gives her strength to avoid falling into mortal sin. Sr. Clare is Adriana’s friend even though she never met her in this world.

Hi, my name is Adriana and I am writing from Peru. When I first heard about Sr. Clare I remember feeling that she was so alive that I forgot that she had died. I have been following her story for a little over a year now. Every time I see something about this sister or read a story about her, I am moved to the point of tears. Thinking about her helps me to avoid falling into sin, to be holier and to love Jesus more and more in the Eucharist.

Every time I think about Sr. Clare I can’t help but think how happy God must have been to have her here among us, because I see how much effort she made to make God the star of her life. It helps me to think about her every time I am close to committing a mortal sin. She helps me be moved to true repentance and to ask forgiveness for having wanted to offend God.

Early in the morning, before I went to see the documentary, I went to Confession and Mass so that I would be in a state of grace and therefore more docile to whatever God wanted to show me through the story of Sr. Clare’s life. During the documentary I could clearly see that God was inviting me to trust in Him, to leave everything for Him, and to come into His boat. I was able to see that holiness in everyday life exists.

When I saw the documentary I was especially moved by the part where Sr. Clare told Fr. Rafael that she wanted to be a famous nun and he told her that if she wanted to be famous, she would have to be the smallest. This made me realize that God does not want to trample on our dreams or our desires, but rather He knows how to make those dreams and desires reality.

From now on and forever, Sr. Clare will be my friend.


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