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“The Best Years of My Life Are For You”

Valeria with a Group of Friends

Sr. Merly Alcivar, Ecuador:  From that moment she lived for God alone. All of her daily activities were always done joyfully out of love for Him and Our Blessed Mother. 

An anecdote about Valeria on Corpus Christi 2014 by Sr. Merly Alcivar, who was her spiritual guide at the time. Valeria was barely 14 years old and she already knew that Jesus wanted her to be for Him alone. An important moment on her path to surrender was precisely that night when the Lord arranged everything so that she could be with Him.

The two years she had to wait to enter the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother as an aspirant seemed like an eternity to Valeria. Yet she understood that it was a time that the Lord gave to her to love Him and demonstrate her love for Him even more by being always faithful, especially in the commitments she lived. 

From June 27 through 29, 2014, we were going to pilgrimage to the Basílica del Voto Nacional in Quito, Ecuador, consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We saw Fireproof to prepare ourselves. Fireproof is a movie in which a broken married couple that has no apparent solution is brought back together, thanks to the husband’s perserverance to follow through with forty steps in order to reconquer his wife’s heart. We decided to do something similar, using daily resolutions for a month in order to conquer the Heart of Jesus. Valeria said that those resolutions helped her triumph over some of her defects. 

On the eve of Corpus Christi, we sisters invited all the members of the Home of the Mother to participate in the vigil of adoration. Afterwards, the girls that were going to go on the pilgrimage had to participate, responding to an invitation to eat dinner and accompany Jesus the entire night, taking turns adoring the Most Blessed Sacrament.

I remember that it was very hard for Valeria to participate in this activity, because at first her grandmother did not give her permission to come because she wanted her to stay at ome that night. Valeria was obedient to her grandparents, which was why after Mass on Saturday evening she went home without us realizing. That wasn’t normal for her. Seeing that she was not at the vigil, one of the girls asked me, “Sister, have you seen Vale?” Since Jesus loved her so much, He arranged everything so that she could come to the vigil. I say that He arranged everything, because that very girl came to me and said, “Sister, we’re going to go pick Valeria up. We’ve got a hold of two bikes, and we’re going to bring her back.”

Later, she told me that she was in her room crying and asking Our Blessed Mother if someone could go to her house to talk with her grandmother so that she would let her go to the vigil. Valeria was like that. She prayed trustingly, and the Lord and Our Blessed Mother granted her desire. I can say that she was a person who totally trusted in God and Our Mother.

For Valeria that night was a moment of grace Jesus gave her as a gift. She said that that was the night when she discovered how much Jesus loved her, that He had given His life for her, and that she should pay Him back the same way. For that reason, since that day, she surrendered her life to Him radically. She said that that night she told the Heart of Jesus, "The best years of my life are for you. Why should I make God, who is so good that He always loves me, wait?” From that moment she lived for God alone. All of her daily activities were always done joyfully out of love for Him and Our Blessed Mother.


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