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She Helped Me Start Praying Again

Hna. Clare

María Isabel Orantes Manrique, Guatemala:  In the end, I prayed to Sr. Clare and told her that I cared for her a great deal, and asked if she could be my protector.

Maria Isabel Orantes Manrique has written us from Guatemala with this enthusiastic testimony in which she tells us about the important role Sr. Clare has played in her conversion. Specifically, she describes how Sr. Clare helped her start praying again, and how she went from talking with the sister to talk to God again.

In 2016, the first time you all published Sr. Clare’s passing away in the social networks, I felt like I knew her for forever and that I cared for her a lot. I was surprised to feel that way, because I was fighting with God at the time, and so I decided to ignore what I was feeling and not worry about it.

However, at the end of last year, in December of 2017, I couldn’t continue fighting with God. I wanted to return to Him. Even though I have religious friends that are helping me draw closer to God, to love Him and to let myself be loved by Him, I couldn’t pray at first. After having been so far from the flock for so long and falling into sin, I felt that I had a knot in my throat, and it didn’t matter how much of an effort I made. I couldn’t talk to God.

One of the religious sisters who is guiding me told me to watch a testimony from one of your Changing Tracks programs. When I saw it, I couldn’t help but remember Sr. Clare. I began to read everything that had been published about her. I spent three whole days reading what you all and many other websites published. In the end, I prayed to Sr. Clare and told her that I cared for her a great deal, and asked if she could be my protector. It was praying to her when suddenly I felt like someone took a cork out of my throat. Somehow I went from talking to the sister to talking to God. She was the one who helped me start praying again!!

The other day I was praying and asking myself what Sr. Clare had done to be so happy. What was her secret? Then I understood, or better said, she told me: it was love. I have felt that she has been with me on various occasions, and I have even asked her not too long ago if she would teach me to love and …of course! She answered immediately!

I am convinced that she takes care of me and that, since she passed away, it was she who looked for me and who gave me the space and the time I needed in order to understand that “what will it profit me if I gain the whole word and forfeit my life?” She helped me to not distance myself permanently from the Church. And since she accepted being my protector, I have told my friends and family members about her!! We have so many things in common and, seriously, I’m dying to see the movie!!


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