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I Never Saw Her Sad

Sr. Stacy singing with Sr. Clare and other sisters

Sr. Stacey Donovan, SHM: I spent a lot of time with her, and I believe I can say that I never saw her sad. She was always thinking about others.

This is the second part of Sr. Stacey Donovan’s testimony. After telling us how important Sr. Clare was in her vocational process and in her sister’s conversion, she speaks to us about how during the time they lived in the community together, she saw Sr. Clare strive for holiness.

In November 2011, I did my month of service—one of the formative stages in the novitiate of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother—in the community of Belmonte, Spain. Sr. Clare was in the community that year and, although it was only for a month, I was able to spend community time with her as a sister. I learned so many things during that month, mostly about community life. I saw Sr. Clare strive for holiness up close, as well as her continuous acts to overcome herself, to obey, to make us laugh, and create a good atmosphere. During those days, she would tell me many things about Segundo Llorente. She was reading one of his books and it was helping her a lot. She would say to me, “Sister, I wake up every day thinking about him, in his way of living his self-donation.” 

There is a funny story that took place during those days. One day I had to accompany her to buy a pair of boots for one of the girls. That girl wore size 5. We bought the boots and when we arrived at home, Sr. Clare put them on to show them to the sisters. It was so funny!! Sr. Clare wore size 7 and had to squeeze her foot into the boot. We were laughing for a while.

When I think about her, I remember how much we laughed thanks to her great sense of humor. I was impressed by her firm decision to follow God. I spent a lot of time with her, and I believe I can say that I never saw her sad. She was always thinking about others, their needs, their family, etc. She had a really big heart thanks to her openness toward God. I thank the Lord for her example to follow and imitate.


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