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One of My Heroes

Dolores Hambleton, USA:

dolores hambletonHer recaptured innocence drew a crowd of innocent's every place she went.

Delores Hambleton is from Jacksonville, Floirda. She is a lay member of the Home of the Mother. She has a daughter who is a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother.

When I first met Sister Clare she was just one of the girls who would be entering the Home of the Mother on the same day as my own daughter, Charity Rose. We were in the garden of the “Casa Carmen María” in Barcenilla and Clare came up to see us. Our family was there with Charity just enjoying the cool shade of the big tree there, where the statue of Our Lady stands. Clare came bounding up to us excited about the impending entrance to the novitiate the following day. Concerned that her parents could not be there we consoled her with a little joking about how we would just adopt her for the day. We then shared with her how we had come back to the faith after many years. Sr. Clare shared our testimony with other members of the Home of the Mother. Before we knew what hit us we had to give a rather embarrassing testimony in front of a large crowd of on-lookers at lunch and before we returned home from that trip we had to give interviews on the program they were currently producing about people's conversion or re-version to their faith

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Sr. Clare and Delores

Sister Clare had a spirit that was driven towards seeking holiness and bringing as many on the journey with her as she could. She certainly had me captivated from that first meeting until the last retreat that she attended in the United States. She always had children clinging to her and hanging on her every word. Her recaptured innocence drew a crowd of innocent's every place she went. Sister Clare, you are now and always will be one of my heroes, your love of God, family and the missions of the HM are truly an inspiration.


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