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Preparing a Conference About Sr. Clare

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Sr. Grace Silao, SHM:   For Sr. Clare, the cross was "a school of Love."

Fr. Rafael Alonso, founder of the Home of the Mother, shares this email with us that Sr. Grace Silao, SHM, wrote him a few days before she gave a conference about Sr. Clare for more than two hundred women at Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish in Florida.

Dear Fr. Rafael,

This Saturday, they've asked us to give a conference at Our Lady Star of the Sea speaking about what happened in Ecuador and about Sr. Clare's life to a group of two hundred women.

I would like to be capable of transmitting to those women how Sr. Clare embraced the Home of the Mother's three missions during her fifteen years of religious life. I think it has been a privilege to see, at least in part, how Sr. Clare lived out our three missions in her life from the moment of her conversion. I translated for Sr. Clare so that she could speak with you that Holy Week in 2000. Thinking about it, I am aware that I have learned from you to not close myself off from any soul, because this is what I have seen in you. You have told us so often, "Behind every young person, behind every soul there is a potential saint."

Through Sr. Clare's testimony, I want to speak to these women a lot about the cross and the Eucharist. Sr. Clare used to say that through these two things she learned to TRULY LOVE and give of herself totally, to the point of giving her life. For Sr. Clare, the cross was "a school of Love."

How can I not talk about her relationship with Our Blessed Mother, who is Mother, Model, and Teacher for every Servant Sister?

What do you think? Would you add anything else?

Thank you so much, Fr. Rafael.

With your blessing,

Sr. Grace Silao, SHM


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