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What Do the Saints Do?

2008 Hna. Clare los santos

You can also be a saint!!!

Sr. Clare was convinced that children and young people could and should aspire to sanctity. That is why she was always thinking of ways for them to grow in enthusiastic for this ideal. She decided to make this coloring page to use at Assumption Catholic School in Jacksonville, around the year 2008. The sisters remember her drawing this Irish-inspired cross. Inside, she handwrote eight concrete steps to take in order reach the spot that the Lord has prepared for us in Heaven.

2008 Hna. Clare los santos3 What do the saints do?

1. They always put God first.
2. They try to do what God wants them to do.
3. They talk to God a lot.
4. They help others without waiting for a reward.
5. They smile even though they don't feel like it.
6. They try to obey first time 'round.
7. They are kind and loving to all God's creatures.
8. They know that everything they have has been given to them by God.

You can also be a saint!!!

Sr. Clare Crockett, SHM


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