jazmina eucaristia

I will never forget her advice!  She was very brave and generous.  I know that from Heaven she is helping me.

jazmina sobrino

Live loving, love suffering, suffer in silence and always with a smile.

Elaine, Ecuador:

elaineShe would say, “Let someone help you, let yourself be guided. Give your heart to the Lord.”

Chelita Velásquez, Ecuador:

chelita"They were the first girls I met when I first came to the Home.  I remember the first time I saw them, it seemed as if we had known each other forever. "

A letter from Jazmina to a member of the Home of the Mother:

carta anonimoBe faithful and be holy! Keep up the good work! The fight is important, but our destination is even greater: Heaven forever!

Gemita Dayana Vergara Espinoza, Ecuador:

gemita"In our relationship with God there is no middle ground."

Gemita Dayana Vergara Espinoza, Ecuador:

gemitaShe would always say this phrase: “God chose me and I give Him thanks for it because I am nothing. Without Him I’m just nothing. He knows why He permits these things.” 

Anita, Ecuador:

anita jazmina mayra“Anita, what’s necessary to find true happiness isn’t a comfortable life, but a heart that’s in love.”

Sr. Kelly Pezo, United States:

hnakelly jazminaWhenever we remembered the children from El Puyo, she would always ask us when we were going back.

Hna. Ruth Ibañez, Spain:

hnaruthShe was one of those people that, when they begin to lead a prayer life, right away they see with great clarity what it is that the Lord wants of them.

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