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Jennifer Martínez (Ecuador): Jazmina loved Jesus a lot, and she made me love Him too

Letra de Jazmina

Laura Mero Arteaga, Ecuador:  She just looked at me and smiled, but that gaze had a big impact on me, because it was so filled with affection and expressed such a great love. It was as if she had known me for years. It was a motherly gaze.

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Erika Alejandra Tuárez Cedeno (Playa Prieta, Ecuador): She came to me and said: “Look at this, it’s beautiful!” And she showed me the hymn for vespers that evening: On this evening, Christ of Calvary...

Jazmina at El Cajas, Ecuador, where she entered as a candidate

What scares us young people most is what God could ask of us.

Jazmina kisses the Virgin Mary's feet

Guadalupe Cedeno, Ecuador:  She always said that the one who safeguarded her vocation was the Virgin Mary.

Carolina and Jazmina

Carolina Aveiga, Chone, Ecuador:  Laughing, she remembered that she had offered them to the Lord for that soul.

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Guadalupe Cedeño, Ecuador: She used to say, “To me, when you’re not doing well, when you are upset, it’s because you’re not giving God something.

Entrada de Jazmina

Naomi Cabrera, Ecuador:  She said that she belonged to the Lord, and He could ask anything of her.

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Naomi Cabrera, Ecuador:  Her generosity in carrying out each activity is what I remember most about Jazmina.

Chelita Velásquez

Chelita Velasquez, Ecuador:  Her vocation helped me to see how I truly was and to realize that I wasn’t doing things correctly. Thanks to her I realized that I was denying the Lord many things. He wanted me to be free of my attachments.

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