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She Prayed to God for Me a Lot

jazmina eucaristia

I will never forget her advice!  She was very brave and generous.  I know that from Heaven she is helping me.

One of Jazmina’s friends shares with us some of her memories of Jazmina.  She knew Jazmina before she entered into the Home and witnessed her change.  She also personally experienced how much Jazmina worried about the girls so that they would not turn away from God. 

María Augusta durante una peregrinación con chicas del HMJ

I got to know Jazmina when I started teaching catechism. There was something special about her.  Her joy was contagious to the entire catechism group.  I quickly became her friend because she was so friendly.  Later, she joined the movement of the Home of the Mother. From the time she got to know the Sisters, she started to change and love Jesus and Our Mother Mary more.

There was a time when I distanced myself from God. She called me to encourage me. I remember how later on, when I drew close to the Lord again, she sang to me: “Milagro de amor tan infinito” (Miracle of Love So Infinite)… That song talks a lot about Jesus in the Eucharist and His love for us. She like it a lot. It helped me to see that my return was a miracle of God… And that she had prayed to God for me a lot.  

I will never forget her advice! She was very brave and generous. I know that from Heaven she is helping me. 


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