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Ask Jazmina for Help

Jazmina at El Cajas, Ecuador, where she entered as a candidate

What scares us young people most is what God could ask of us.

This is a beautiful testimony from a young woman who prefers to remain anonymous. She tells how much Jazmina has helped her to say her own “yes” to the Lord’s call.

I wanted to share my experience with other young women that might experience something similar to what is happening to me. What scares us young people most is what God could ask of us, especially if we feel that the Lord is calling us to a complete self-giving. That is what is happening to me. I am afraid but, in spite of that, I have experienced Jazmina’s help a lot. I still have much to do, and the truth is that I want to do it soon. Like Valeria would say, quoting St. Dominic Savio, “I don’t know if I will have time.”

You have to be courageous and say a generous yes to the Lord, a constant and firm yes. I have already said it in my heart. I have given Him my personal yes, although it isn’t official. One responds to the Lord. That has to be clear to us. Not everyone has to know it. It is enough for you and Him to know it, because the commitment is with Him. You just have to trust in Him. Don’t worry if you are afraid. We have to be a little afraid when we make big decisions. Be more worried if you aren’t afraid, because it means that the decision that you are going to make isn’t really important to you.

anonimo virgenynina

Ask Jazmina for help. She won’t say no. She helped even though I hadn’t asked her. She will do so much more if you ask her. Let the Lord work through you.

May your self-giving make you happy like Jazmina. Let everything that you do be done out of love and with great joy, asking Our Heavenly Mother for help. Who can teach us to do things the way God wants better than Her?


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